Bloom and Wild: Ethical Flowers Delivered to Your Doorstep

This is not a paid ad, but I have been gifted flowers by Bloom and Wild.

Bloom and Wild are a company that I genuinely LOVE. I'm currently collaborating with them on a project, so I wanted to talk a bit more about them and break down exactly why I love what they're doing. If you haven't come across them before, the premise is this: fresh flowers, ethically grown and sustainably packaged, delivered right to your door. What's not to love?

My first encounter with Bloom and Wild was a beautiful bouquet that my boyfriend, James, sent me to celebrate our first year together. As he's currently working out in New Zealand (and I'm still in the UK for the time being!), this was such a wonderful way to send a gift without all the stress of shipping something from the other side of the world. The flowers arrive just before they're due to open up, and within a couple of days they're in full bloom!

The ethics

I could rave all day about how beautiful Bloom and Wild's flowers are, and how convenient they are to send (next day delivery - hello!), but what I love even more is that the company is based on strong ethical values. Their flowers are grown in Kenya (which we'll come back to later), and they support their workers with training & development schemes, fair annual leave, maternity leave and access to welfare, and projects that care for local communities such as school meal programmes and financial support for students. You can read more about their commitment to those who work in their supply chain here.


As I mentioned above, the majority of Bloom and Wild's flowers are grown in Kenya (although their website does also list a number of other countries that they are sourced from). Since they are a UK company shipping to UK & Ireland, France and Germany, this might not seem like the most sustainable option on the surface, but their reasoning for this is that producing their flowers in a country where the conditions are already ideal creates six times less CO2 than hothouses would, even after factoring in air miles (you can read about this here).

The majority of their packaging is recyclable (woo!), and according to their website they're currently working towards replacing the elements that aren't with more sustainable options. In fact, they've set a goal of replacing their plastic flower nets for biodegradable ones by the end of 2019! It's great to see a company so aware of where they can improve, and so willing to change. The flowers themselves are of course also 100% biodegradable!

If cared for properly, Bloom and Wild flowers can last for well over a week - I've got a few blooms from my first bouquet that are a month old now and still going! Fresh flowers are such a beautiful way to bring a bit of nature into your home, or the home of a loved one, especially when you know they've been sourced consciously.

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