Toha Kai is an initiative run by Roimata Food Commons, a community garden in the heart of Christchurch. It's centred around reducing food waste by redistributing unsold/unused food from local farms to members of the community. Every Sunday, their pataka kai (pantry) is filled with fresh fruit, veg, bread and more for the community to collect for free. This food always disappears quickly, so their latest project is to fill and sell fruit and veg boxes which can be sold at a low price and collected from various places in the community, allowing an alternative for those who can afford to pay a little and ensuring the free food goes to those who need it most.

I captured some shots of the food being collected from Opawa Farmer's Market, loaded on to the pataka kai, and collected by members of the public, as well as some e-commerce style shots of an example food box for marketing purposes.