Stop what you're doing and take a deep breath in.

Feel the air filling your lungs.

Feel your belly contract as you breathe out.

Take two more breaths just like this.

Now notice if you're holding any tension in your neck, your shoulders. Let them release.

Relax the skin of your face, unclench your jaw.

Do you feel more relaxed? More present?


So rarely during our busy lives do we take the time to check in with ourselves. To notice how our body feels today. To focus on the breath, and be in the present moment. That's where yoga comes in.

My journey with yoga started as a search for a form of exercise that I enjoyed, and that I could do anywhere. Having previously trained in and taught gymnastics, I liked the sound of the physical benefits of yoga - the strength, the movement, the flexibility. I soon discovered that yoga was so much more, and it was the benefits to my emotional and mental wellbeing that really hooked me. Yoga soothed my anxious mind, provided a safe, quiet space away from the noise of modern life.

I truly believe that yoga is for everyone.

No matter your age, gender, background or beliefs, you can feel awakened by the physical practice (or "asana"), and find peace in the breathwork ("pranayama"). My yoga classes are a safe space for all, free from judgement or pressure. 




Private classes with Yoga Warriors


6pm Vinyasa yoga at the Boxed Quarter

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10.30am Vinyasa yoga at Roimata Food Commons

(Fortnightly, starting 7th March)

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Saturday 20th February 

Morning yoga to open Women and the World,
an event hosted by The Conscious Club

At The Boxed Quarter

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