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Hi, I'm Helen.

I'm a yogi, a digital creative, a conscious living advocate and a cat person without a cat.

I think what ties together my roles and interests is an appreciation for the natural world and strong desire to protect it for future generations. I also believe deeply that there is a need for social and cultural change in the world, and I love to work with other creatives and organisations who are passionate about making this planet a better place for all of its inhabitants.

Creativity is my jam. I've always loved photography, from freezing a moment of pure joy on someone's face to capturing a landscape in all its magnificence. And video, which allows for the blending of so many more elements to bring a vision to life! I've also recently started to dip my toes into the world of podcast creation.

How does yoga fit in to all of this? For me, a regular yoga practice is a chance to check in with myself. It's a chance to move, breathe consciously, just be in the present moment. It helps me to get out of my over-thinking brain and to unlock my creativity. I believe when we take care of bodies and our minds, we're better prepared to care for the world around us.


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Contact Me

E- hello@helengriffiths.co

T- (+64) 021 154 4632

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